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Dublin Pinocchio Restaurant, Dublin
(7 reviews)
Midlands/East Coast Dillons Bar ..., Longford
(3 reviews)
South East Campagne, Kilkenny
(2 reviews)
South West Scoozis Restaurant, Cork
(5 reviews)
West EJ Kings Bar ..., Galway
(3 reviews)
Northwest Henrys Bar & ..., Sligo
(2 reviews)
Shannon Fiacri House, Tipperary
(1 reviews)
Northern Ireland Primrose Cafe, Derry
(0 reviews)

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Yummy Cafe Market 4 days ago

by: yummycafemarket

Full details on the menus are available from www.yummycafemarket.com or check out ... read more »

Yummy Cafe Market 4 days ago

by: yummycafemarket

Great Food, Cool Vibe and the best place for families in Kerry to eat. Excellent ... read more »

The Winter Garden Restaurant ... 4 weeks ago

by: Apple

The Winter Garden Restaurant @ Red Cow Moran Hotel

Starters ok except Caesar's Salad, no croutons or bacon just lettuce. Out of a party ... read more »

The Pipers Inn 5 weeks ago

by: Celticsoothsayer

The Pipers Inn

A family friend treated us to a meal in The Pipers before Christmas 2014. I had heard ... read more »

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Kate Brownes Bar and Bistro, Kerry

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