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January 25th, 2013 Posted in Guest Blog Post, Where To Eat 27,554 Comments






Foodspotting is an app that eliminates the traditional written food review and replaces it with a photo guide generated by customers. It’s an online visual catalouge of food.

In a nutshell, a review consists of a line of copy and a photo uploaded by the user and shared out. Anything from a gourmet seafood platter in Kinsale to a breakfast roll in Belturbet can be posted on Foodspotting.

Users are the keystone of the app, helping expand and diversify its functionality. New locations can be added, tags can be generated and items bookmarked.

FoodSpotting In Dublin



Words by Aaron McAllorum

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January 18th, 2013 Posted in Guest Blog Post 17,941 Comments

Instagram might be off the menu here in Ireland for some restaurant owners, but for others across the Atlantic ocean it is quiet  literally part of the it. Comodo restaurant in the Soho area of Manhattan made an observation about their customers behavior at their establishment and used it to their advantage.

Patrons upon being served, just before their first bite would snap away with their smart phones and post photos of their dinner straight up onto Instagram. Soon, a collection of images was growing by the week on the social networking site.

Instead of trying to control the stream of photos, Comodo began to encourage it and embraced the #ComodoMenu tag, so much so, it now features at the bottom of their menus. Customers before arriving now have a chance to see what other diners have had and have been raving about.

Comodo are proof that Instagram is now much more than just a collection of sunset, cat and self portrait photos.

Words by Aaron McAllorum





Anthony Bourdain’s Layover In Dublin

January 17th, 2013 Posted in Guest Blog Post 20,460 Comments









Back in June 2012, Anthony Bourdain had a 36 hour Layover in Dublin. So, what did he do?.. Hailed a taxi and hit the town of course!

With guidance from Paddy Daly and Joe Macken, Bourdain meandered his way through the streets of Dublin in search of stout eternal knowledge and fine food.

Dotted with highlights, the show lingers over pints and coddle in the Gravediggers, gastro heaven in The Chophouse, an impromptu whiskey tasting in the Palace Bar and a late night session/trip to the chipper.

Bourdain squeezes in more savory sights in a day and a half than most tourists manage in a week.

Dublin has never seemed cooler than when Bourdain came to visit.

Words by Aaron McAllorum

The Cuisine Genie’s Ultimate Sandwich

August 17th, 2012 Posted in Guest Blog Post 25,802 Comments

Is there anything more satisfying than a really good sandwich? One that you lovingly prepare for ages beforehand, then have to open your mouth up really wide to enjoy and finish with a great big “Ahhhh…” Nothing better than a sambo! The Irish know their sambos, and so do the French apparently, as today’s guest post comes courtesy of the chic Cuisine Genie!

**WIN** Retweet this post for a chance to win a copy of Rachel Khoo‘s “The Little Paris Kitchen”!

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The Silver Chicken’s Prawn Linguine

August 14th, 2012 Posted in Guest Blog Post 18,477 Comments

Nothing says summer like a good prawn dish, and as we are finally coming into a bit of sunshine, everyone should be able to make this simple prawn linguine with ingredients they already have in their cupboards! This gorgeous recipe comes from David at The Silver Chicken.
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Wholesome Ireland’s Meringues

August 8th, 2012 Posted in Guest Blog Post 19,977 Comments

People will always be impressed by a good meringue- they look, and taste, so difficult to make…but the chef’s secret is that they’re so easy to whip up! We’re lucky to have Caitriona from Wholesome Ireland share her recipe for fail-safe meringues.
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Gluten Free Photographer’s Summer Strawberries

July 19th, 2012 Posted in Guest Blog Post 21,147 Comments

Living with a food intolerance can be a pain, as food blogger and photographer Kel knows all too well about. In her blog, The Gluten Free Photographer, she shares her experiences of living a gluten-free existence and dining out in Ireland.

Here, she shares a gorgeous recipe for baked summer strawberries- hopefully we get some nice summer weather to accompany them!
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Dermie’s Relish Flavoured Hamburgers

July 10th, 2012 Posted in Guest Blog Post 18,300 Comments

Dermie, whose blog Gas Mark Seven is a celebration of everything Ballymaloe and Cork, doesn’t stray too far from the norm with his mouth-watering recipe for Ballymaloe Relish flavoured hamburgers…they have to be eaten to be believed.

Read on for more details on The Irish Examiner Food Festival and how you can win tickets to go along to the the event in Fitzgerald’s Park in Cork!

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