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reviewed by: DublinDiner on Olive's Room 11 September 2015

Very disappointed as I had heard great things about this place. Had lunch there. Some of the food on display was not on the price list and when I went to pay for my quiche was shocked with the price tag of €16 for a quiche with side ... Read more...

DublinDiner would not recommend.DublinDiner would not use again.

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reviewed by: patad on Alex Restaurant 30 August 2015

The table we were given should not be used as I felt I was working with the waiter on his PC for our entire time there.I was closer to him all evening than my beautiful partner. Food very good but surroundings need uplift. Read more...

patad would not recommend.patad would not use again.

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Beautiful food and happy children.

reviewed by: CharlieD on McCarthy's Cafe 26 August 2015

I came in here about two weeks looking to eat something that would keep me fueled for the rest of the day. The omelettee on the menu had ham listed as an ingredient, but when I asked if I could have it without I was informed that it ... Read more...

CharlieD would recommend.CharlieD would use again.

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reviewed by: patrick on THE BLACK OLIVE 20 August 2015

The Black Olive has changed hands a long time ago.I would have no problem recommending it now.Much improved and well worth a visit. Read more...

patrick would recommend.patrick would use again.

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reviewed by: Ruaisc on McCarthy's Cafe 17 August 2015

Excellent family run Resteraunt that caters for all . It's fresh home cooked food is well presented and complimented by the friendly staff who always have time for both regulars and newcomers alike. The banter is always great fun ... Read more...

Ruaisc would recommend.Ruaisc would not use again.

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reviewed by: Orlagh on McCarthy's Cafe 17 August 2015

Great food and atmosphere. Mc'Carthy's is located in the heart of Castlebar with easy access.Their baked goods are a must try for any new visitors. Read more...

Orlagh would recommend.Orlagh would use again.

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A restaurant where you must stop and get a seat in Killarney!

reviewed by: Soclems on Bricin Restaurant 22 June 2015

The chief turns good irish products into gastronomic masterpieces He succeeds in it thanks to the beautiful way he spices dishes, to the judicious way he matches flavors. The aromas are well balanced (not too sweet to my liking) and ... Read more...

Soclems would recommend.Soclems would use again.

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reviewed by: amdel on Ciao Bella Roma 16 June 2015

I used to like going to this restaurant. However today my husband, my 8 month old daughter and I went there for lunch. While my husband was holding our daughter in his arms, he was being started at by the waiters, when she was making ... Read more...

amdel would not recommend.amdel would not use again.

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Fantastic Food

reviewed by: dtrkc on Dijon Cafe 30 April 2015

I stop here everytime Im going to/from Dublin. They serve proper food, not the takeaway rubbish you get in the garages. Their breakfasts are big and tasty, as are their dinners. I get my coffee to go, so i can enjoy it in the car. ... Read more...

dtrkc would recommend.dtrkc would use again.

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More details from the Owners

reviewed by: yummycafemarket on Yummy Cafe Market 15 April 2015

Full details on the menus are available from or check out /yummycafemarket on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram (Ya we know that's a lot of Social Media sites) Read more...

yummycafemarket would recommend.yummycafemarket would use again.

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