Captain Americas

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44 Grafton Street, Dublin 2

Captain Americas brought the original burger to Ireland back in December 1971. Since then it has continued to serve good quality American style food at great value prices. Home to the famous Captain Americas hamburger and mouth watering flame grilled steaks, there is something for everyone on the menu. Captain Americas offers the most attractive lunch deals in town & the early bird menu is a great way to start every night out. Captain Americas has branches in Tallaght and in Cork City. All our restaurants are fully licensed and we have a great selection of cocktails, beers & wines for you to choose from. Over the years we have collected hundreds of pieces of memorabilia from visiting Irish and international stars such as U2, Colin Farrell, Westlife, Debbie Harry and David Bowie and Green Day. Our memorabilia museum creates a unique and interesting atmosphere in the restaurants.

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reviewed by: Leahb on Captain Americas 01 May 2017

Staff super friendly! Food arrives early!Brilliant prices!Would defo recommend !!! Come here!! Best place to eat in Dublin City centre!! Read more...

Leahb would recommend. Leahb would use again.

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Not good

reviewed by: tweety76 on Captain Americas 01 July 2011

Sorry but I don't rate this place have eaten in Grafton street and the Blanchardstown location. The lunch leaves a lot to be desired at 10 euro for a Panini and Chips. Could get better from Spar!! Give it a miss. Read more...

tweety76 would not recommend. tweety76 would not use again.

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reviewed by: samson27 on Captain Americas 01 July 2011

This restaurant is known for it's cocktails and they are fab! If you are more of a beer drinker they also do brilliant beer towers which I love as the reason I didn't give more stars is the waiting time for drinks from trying to catch ... Read more...

samson27 would not recommend. samson27 would use again.

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reviewed by: bryanbm on Captain Americas 01 July 2011

Portions are great,but slightly overpriced for standard fast food fare,ideal place for an after work cocktail...although be warned the cocktails are not as strong as you would expect. Read more...

bryanbm would not recommend. bryanbm would not use again.

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bit of americana

reviewed by: stellabe on Captain Americas 30 June 2011

This place is great the burgers are huge the chips are huge the pitchers are huge. Everything is larger than life and as it should in a place such as this. great for a fun nite out or if your out wiht the kids as there is something ... Read more...

stellabe would not recommend. stellabe would not use again.

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Cuisine: American
Reservations: 6715266
44 Grafton Street, Dublin 2
Tel: 6715266
Fax: 671 5213
Opening Hours: Mon-Thur: 12pm to 10:30pmFri: 12pm to 11pmSat: 12pm to 11:30pmSun: 12pm to 9:30pm

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